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North Highlands Community Museum & Culture Centre Concert Series

Event Dates: July 5 - August 31
Event Location: Cape North

Our concert series takes place from July 5th - August 31st, and includes the following lineup for the 2019 season:

Summer Concert Series 2019 Schedule:

July 5th – Jordan Musycyn

July 11th – Colin Grant & Jason MacDonald

July 18th – Maxim & Gervais Cormier

July 25th – Local Talent ($400)

July 28th – Rosie MacKenzie


August 1st – Deron Donovan (John Prine Tribute Show)

August 4th - Maxim and Andy Cormier

August 8th – Chrissy Crowley & Jason Roach

August 18th - Brogue Saxophone Quartet

August 22nd – Rachel Davis & Darren MacMullin

August 29th – Broken Road