St. Ann's Bay

St. Ann's Bay & Area

St. Anns Bay Locator MapThe communities of St Ann's Bay wrap themselves around the natural curve of this inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. Marked by dark stands of mixed wood, and always centred on water, fresh or salt, the area is sparsely populated. On first glance, it might appear a little empty.

But it's not!

The people of St Ann's Bay live our vibrant cultures, and thrive in the glorious outdoors. We're a welcoming community, and are very happy to share our good fortune. Our Gaelic heritage lives on in hints of the old language, in music, customs, and food. And we delight in learning from newcomers and visitors alike.

Year round, you'll fall in love with the beauty of our land — the windswept cliffs that jut out into the ocean, the mountains alive with dazzling fall colours, the roadsides scented with rioting spring flowers, and everywhere, the water. Rushing rivers, gentle brooks, quiet ponds, private lakes, and the ever-present ocean. Even in winter, the water takes centre stage. Smooth and still skating ponds, awe-inspiring drift ice on the sea, ice fishing in the bay. Like us, you'll find yourself called outdoors!