Music, Festivals & Events in Margaree & Area

Dance to the rhythm of our bagpipes and fiddles as you unwind to the pace of our culture and explore all that Margaree & Area, Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia has to offer. Take in the beauty beheld by the famed Celtic Colours International Festival and delight your senses with the many tastes, sights, and sounds unique to our area. 

Discover our rich history as you take part in a ceilidh or in many of our year-round celebrations and performances by talented local artists including Shelly Campbell and the Three Fiddler Concert at the The Barn, and the South-West Margaree Square Dances. Join in the celebrations of our Acadian, Gaelic, Scottish and .Irish roots as we play Celtic music and dance at the Island Sunset Resort and Spa’s Tuesday Steak and Ale night. 

The pace of life in Margaree and Area is relaxed, but the excitement and adventures never slow down. Come, visit our unique town on your trip along the Cabot Trail and be awed by our land of paradise.  Festivals include Margaree Summer Festival, Margaree Highland Games and Belle Cote Days.